08/18/2018 Intro to Coin Cutting Class

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Introduction To Coin Cutting


Tools Needed:

Jeweler's Saw

3/0 Blades (1 dozen)

Bench Pin

Magnifying Visor (optional)


About The Coin:

The Sacagawea dollar (also known as the "golden dollar") is a beautiful coin with the profile of Sacagawea with her child, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. These coins have a copper core clad by manganese brass which gives them a distinctive golden color. 

You will need to purchase an uncirculated Sacagawea dollar coin from Chris at the workshop. The cost of the coin is $4.

He will accept payments with cash or card.  He will also have other coins to buy if you decide you need to get started with more coin cutting at home right away.  (Evil laugh, because I know that you are like me and will want to!) 


About The Class:

We will be going over drilling and piercing the coin. Then we will go over the jeweler's saw and the installation of the blades as well as proper sawing technics and posture. We will all cut out the coin and make to be worn as a pendant.


About The Artist, Christopher Tedeton:

I fell in love with art at a very young age. My parents had many books on art and I could not keep my nose out of them.  I have held many titles in my adult life such as painter, carpenter, salesman, and many more but an artist was not one them untill in mid 2013.  I came across coin rings then, which lead me to coin art such as bells, puzzles, coin cutting, and much more. One coin ring is what fueled the artist in me. You can find us most Saturdays at Charlottesville City Market selling my pieces and doing some demo's from time to time. We have been there now three great years. 

He is also on Facebook as Cash on Hand!  That's how I found him!

Workshops are held at my house located at 2348 Austin Drive, Charlottesville, VA  22911. 

The workshops will start at 11 am and run through 4:30 pm. You will be able to finish your projects.

 My studio is located in the basement of my home, and a flight of stairs must be navigated.  The restroom and kitchen are located one floor up from the basement. 

I have two dogs and a cat.  They will not be in the studio, but they have free reign of my home upstairs and you should be aware if you have allergies.  

 Lunch will not be provided.  Please pack a lunch and bring drinks.  You will have access to a refrigerator and a microwave.  

 If you have any questions or concerns, please call in advance of booking.  My number is 434-971-1963.  Please leave a message and I will return your call.  Or email me at [email protected].