About Me

Welcome to the Barbara Tilley School of Arts & Crafts.

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The Barbara Tilley School of Arts & Crafts is a place to teach and learn.  Although there is a physical location, this is a community based school.  Teachers and Instructors from all Arts and Crafts come together to share their love of the Arts and create a community of learning.  Some will teach in their own studios and business, and some will teach at my Studio. 

Please enjoy having classes and workshops at your fingertips.  Look around and see what we have to offer.  The classes are listed in several ways.  Explore and find your next passion.  This is your community.  Welcome home!

Please come and join us and make our circle wider and richer.  Contact me and let's get your classes and workshops listed for all of Charlottesville and the surrounding area to enjoy.  This is your community.  Welcome home!

The Barbara Tilley School of Arts & Crafts came from my desire to find classes and workshops in my area, and my inability to find what was being offered.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I took a page from car dealerships and malls.  They realize that having a community of sellers help everyone, the sellers and the buyers.  It works because of two things:

Economics & Geography:

Automobile dealer rows, like mall food courts, are an example of the economies of agglomeration. Even though being grouped together increases immediate competition, the auto row becomes more of destination for consumers and benefits all the dealerships. Many consumers may want to test drive automobiles from multiple companies before making a purchase and the auto row provides one stop shopping. Competing dealerships also often share advertising costs to promote their single destination under an agreed-upon marketing name.