Barb bought a trailer….on the road again.

So after my van was murdered by some random driver, I needed a vehicle to be able to do shows.  My husband and I have tiny little cars that barely have trunks.  They certainly couldn’t hold enough stuff to do a show.  Insurance only gave me $1,800.  My sister’s generous donation to the Arts gave me some more cash.  But still….I couldn’t find a van in my price range that might get me to my destination in one piece.  I decided that I just couldn’t do shows this year.  (tear slides noiselessly down my face)

And then…..(thunder-clap)…..I found this little trailer.  Big enough for all my stuff and small enough that I can tow it with my little car.  I have ordered a trailer hitch and wiring and as soon as they arrive I will outfit my car with them.  I’m so excited. 

Barb's new trailer
Barb’s new trailer
Craft show trailer
Barb’s trailer inside shot

I’m going to spend the weekend setting up my new displays and then loading them into my new trailer!  Wooo Hooo, I’m so glad to be the proud owner of my little trailer.  OH… the way….it’s 5ft x 8ft.  It’s pretty big.