Bubbles Class

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/8/2016 to News
Bubble by Barbara Tilley

New Class at Studio Baboo!  Saturday June 11, 2016 at 11:30 -  3 pm.  This class is a real treat.  Use the same size round gemstone beads, or mix them up with different sizes and colors.  The most used tool for this class will be your fingers.  Make sure your wire is dead soft so that it is easy to work with.  This is a new twist on wire wrapping.  It will be fun to learn and easy.  

When I buy gemstone beads, I always try to buy different sizes and shapes of the same gemstone.  When you are making your jewelry the different sizes and shapes help turn your creation into something fantastic.  Why buy one strand of beads when you can buy three?  You may use me as your excuse.  

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