Little Miss Jazzy

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 2/6/2018 to News

Monday, January 29th, 2018 I had to do the hardest but best thing that I've ever done.  I had to put my little baby girl Jasmine down.  She was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and there was nothing left to do.  I always thought that it would be too hard to be there and witness the end of her life.

Let me tell you how I met this little bossy girl. 
I was heart sick over the passing of Rosie, my Akita that I had for 15 years.  I knew that the only thing that would fill the hole in my heart was the love of a new dog.  I started looking.  I found an ad for corgi pups and it had the cutest little face that reminded me a bit of my Rosie.

She was the most beautiful thing that my lonely heart had ever seen.  This wee little thing.  I immediately called and asked if this pup was still available.  "Yes", the man on the phone says.  "But there is a whole litter to choose from.".  I told him that this was the pup I wanted.  I should have known that she was trouble because he answered, "Well, her sisters and brothers will be glad to see her go.".

She had to take a direct flight from Texas to Washington DC.  We got there and went to the luggage area to pick her up.  She was in the tiniest little crate I've ever seen.  When we bent down to get a better look, this little tiny paw appeared on the cage door.  With that little gesture, we were in love and on a journey that we could never have imagined.  She emerged from the crate, and pranced around the airport without a fear in the world.  This was her world and we were all just in it to serve her.

She quickly learned that she could get whatever she wanted with just one little paw.  If she wanted her Uncle Bo to carry her up the stairs like the pretty princess that she was, she would put her paw on the toe of his shoe.  "Uncle Bo, up please."  If she wanted a treat, she would fuss at me and then place her paw on the toe of my shoe.  "Mom, treat please."  We were all powerless to the paw.  That tiny little white paw had all the power of the world.
I was able to bring her with me to work for the first three months that I had her.  She had to share the work place with the office dog, Fred.  She thought Fred was wonderful, he was less enthusiastic. 

She was eventually banned from work because she was a distraction and bossy.  She would fuss if she wasn't the center of attention. 

I took her to obedience school and to Rally-O classes.  She was a natural.  She was so smart that she would just get bored waiting for her turn.  We decided that she needed some company at home and got her a little brother named Copper.

He was the sweetest most gentle little corgi.  Which was probably not the best match for our strong willed Jasmine.  She bullied and bossed him and really just put up with him.  He was such a good soul that he put up with all of it and loved her with all of his heart.  Sadly, we lost Copper, at the age of seven to a condition that he was born with.

She love the dog park because it was on the lake and Jasmine loved to swim.  She would get in and float at the water's edge like a crocodile.  When a new dog would approach her to say hello, she would spring out and bark at them.  The dog would jump back with surprise, and you could see she was laughing.  "Scared you, you little wus!"
She was the little kid at the pool that never got out of the water until they were threatened and their lips turned blue.  "Jasmine, we are leaving.  Do you want us to leave without you?"  She would run out of the water, grab my pant leg growling, and try to drag me back to the water.  I would be partly embarrassed as the other owners would laugh, but mostly I thought it was funny.  As I sit here writing this, my pant legs are both chewed up from her herding me around. 

She had the thickest most dense hair and would love the cold winters in Virginia.  The colder the better.  I would have to make her come inside.  "Your going to freeze outside.", she would just roll her eyes at me.

She allowed me to dress her up once a year.  She seemed to realize that at Halloween she would get lots of love from the neighborhood kids.  She loved kids.  Especially little bitty ones. 

When little kids would run up to her squealing, she would be in her element.  She would calmly sit there and let them rub all over her.  Kisses were her specialty.  No crowd was too big, no child too rough.  She loved every tiny bit of it.

Jasmine also loved to ride.  She enjoyed any outing that she got to go on.  When my boyfriend Ronnie bought a boat, she was right there helping him drive the boat.

The eleven years that I got to be her mommy were just not enough.  I would have loved to have her for at least another eleven.  But even that would not have been enough. 

I try to always remember how much she made me laugh.  I know that the joy that she brought into my life far exceeds the pain of losing her.  So as an accountant, I can really appreciate that math.

Rest in Peace, Princess Jasmine Tilley.  You are missed.