More color...

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/20/2017 to News
 found some lovely Amethyst round beads and a focal bead in my stash last night.  I decided to use my color wheel and see what it came up with to make the perfect color combination.

I first find the violet purple as the purple closest to my amethyst beads.  I see that the relationship between colors is the one that I want.  

I picked my seed beads from a big storage bin.  I dug around and took out tubes of beads for about an hour.  Then I settled on these beads.  
I felt pretty good about my selections.  But then I started to get some second thoughts.  I wished that I had a lighter purple.  Maybe the blue green are more blue than green.  So decided to get a second opinion.  

I went to Pinterest and found two color palettes that reflected the mood I wanted.

Looking at them, I decided that I like what I picked out and I'm sticking with it.  Here is the picture of the finished necklace and then we can all decide.  

I just thought I would share this process with you.  I am having a bunch of fun experimenting with color.  

Here are too other pieces that I used the same process on.

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks that you use.

Let's go be colorful today.