I promised myself that I wouldn’t do any shows this year.  The economy is so bad and people just aren’t going to shows this year.  But when I got an email specially inviting me to this Art Award Show in Richmond I let the compliments go to my head.  I decided to do the show.

Since it was an inside show I found some pipe and drape for sale at a really nice price.  I was even told that I could pay for it after the show.  (presuming that I would make some money)  I even took some time off from my job and left early on Friday to set up for the weekend.

My set up looked great.  I was fully loaded with merchandise.  The doors opened for business…..and nothing.  The whole day of Saturday there were only 30 customers that paid to get in the door.  I sold one “sassy saying” for $7.00.  It was the one that says “I’m in an abusive relationship, I have a cat”.  I only mention which exact one because on Sunday two ladies came by looking for it.  They were going to buy it.  Oh well…..I only had one of them.  My sales could have doubled.  $14.00  Yikes.

Seriously unhappy vendor

Booth shot

Richmond Art Awards Booth

Jackie came with me. I am super glad that she did. At least we were able to entertain each other. I am happy to be able to tell you that I was next to Jeffrey L-something-or-other. And he is a traditional silversmith. As annoying as his continuous patter was next to me all two days, I did learn that if you keep a person at your booth long enough and just keep talking they will either make a mad dash to get away from you, or buy something to shut you up. I’m going to give it a try next time. If he wasn’t talking he was hammering with his traditional German made silversmithing tools. Since the convention hall was super empty the ping ping ping of his little hammer went right to every vendors spine. I’m surprised that he lived through the weekend.
I went around and took pictures of the different vendors.  They were all bored and sad and very disappointed.  My $7.00 in sales were more than some made that weekend.  Isn’t that sad?

Jackie and I were in such good spirits going into this show.  We had run into an old friend of ours.  About two years ago Jackie and I were going to a bead show at the Richmond Raceway and we took the off ramp to the show and as we were going down the ramp we see a person panhandling at the end of the ramp.  I am reaching for my purse to get some money and Jackie tells me..”Do Not Give That Person Any Money!”  About that time we can really see the person.  She is a woman about our age.  In a wheelchair, and as I tell Jackie, “But she’s got NO LEGS!”  We both end up giving her some money. 
This trip we take the exit and she is there!!!!  We are both so excited to see her.  We are giddy with anticipation as we both have our money ready to hand over to her.  I bet she thought we were the two biggest lunatics – smiling and giggling as we handed over our money to her.  But it seems that she didn’t bring us the good luck that we were counting on.  Next time, I’m running her over with the car.  Maybe that will bring us some luck!