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Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/7/2016 to News
Stones - Barbara Tilley
I checked my mail box this morning and was very happy to see three little packages that came all the way from India.  I ordered these beauties on my birthday last month.  I love love love agates and I love the vibrant colors that they dye them.  I don't care that they aren't natural.  Most things aren't.  I love how bright and exciting they are.  I am always surprised when I order on the internet because I have a hard time figuring out scale.  So I get things and they are much smaller or much larger than I had anticipated.  But these little cuties were just as I imagined.  Now I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to do with them.  

I put the quarter in the picture so you guys could see the scale also.  They are perfect for pendants or bracelets.  I don't like really big rings so I wouldn't use them for that.

Anyway, I thought they were so cool I had to talk about them.  I bought them off ebay.  I purchased them from three different sellers.  Gemsway, Kajalgems, and Ultragems.  But I just search agate gemstones and have fun with the results.  They come with free shipping, but they take a very long time to arrive.  I'm always happy to see them in my mailbox!

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