The Big Color Trap!

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/19/2017 to News
olor choices can become a trap.  We all have our favorite colors.  The ones we are attracted to and pick every time we have a choice.  My color trap is the color orange.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I love orange.  
How does a color become a trap?  

Here are some beads that I have purchased recently.  You might think that the Color Trap is buying the same color bead over and over again.  But that is not the Color Trap. 

The trap is using the same color palette with the orange beads.  I always, ALWAYS choose an nice turquoise bead to go with the orange.  That works, right?  Sure it does.  It looks great.  It ALWAYS looks great.  So that is the trap.  You end up not realizing the other great combinations of colors that would actually work better.  

If you find that you are a person that uses the same color combinations, you will need tools to help you find some new exciting color choices.  
An easy tool is a color wheel.  You can buy an inexpensive color wheel at any craft store or online.  You pick your main color and then look at the color relationships on the wheel to pick your other colors.  You might be surprised to see the colors that combine wonderfully with your main color.  Orange has a compliment of blue.  That is why I love to see turquoise blue with my orange.  But what a great combo orange, green, and magenta makes.  Or perhaps a lime green, turquoise blue and light purple pink? 

I love using a color wheel to help me chose different colors than I have typically used.  The color wheel helps you use lighter and darker shades or values also.  Instead of a super bright acid green, maybe a light pastel green in the same family will tone down the vibrancy of the super bright orange.

Another great tool and really helps visualize your finished piece is to use color palettes that you can find on Pinterest.  

Here you can see how using other colors can really dramatically change how your favorite color looks and feels.  

There is no shame in realizing that you need some color help.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  My weakness is for the color orange, and I have to fight to find new ways to use it in my jewelry designs.  

I don't think my love of the color orange will change anytime soon, but now I have the tools to use it with other color to maximize all the design choices.  I hope you enjoy your favorite color in some new color combinations.

Now go make some colorful jewelry.