Art. When is it copying?

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 8/9/2017 to News
Am I copying or not?  You would think this is a straight forward question, but sometimes the lines can get a little blurry.

My best friend Jackie Monticup, bought me a book for my birthday.  I was very excited to receive it.

I want to highly recommend this book.  It has great step by step instructions and lots of inspiration.
But, what does this have to do with copying?

More color...

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/20/2017 to News
I found some lovely Amethyst round beads and a focal bead in my stash last night.  I decided to use my color wheel and see what it came up with to make the perfect color combination.

The Big Color Trap!

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/19/2017 to News
lor choices can become a trap.  We all have our favorite colors.  The ones we are attracted to and pick every time we have a choice.  My color trap is the color orange.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I love orange.  
How does a color become a trap?  

Here are some beads that I have purchased recently.  You might think that the Color Trap is buying the same color bead over and over again.  But that is not the Color Trap. 

Love at First Sight - Jewelry

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When I try to think back to what started my love of jewelry, it brings me to a very specific memory.  Our family trip to Mexico.


I grew up in Oklahoma.  My father was in the military and while stationed in Germany, met and married my mother.  When my German relatives would come for a visit, we would have to really show them the Wild, Wild West.  On the agenda would be any rodeo or pow-wow within driving distance.  Our town was about 20 minutes from the Wichita Mountains Wild Life Refuge.  Trips included sightings of long horn cattle, buffalo and prairie dogs.  We would take a picnic lunch and ride up our little mountain, Mount Scott, which rises to the glorious height of 2,464 feet.  We would stop at the strange little souvenir store at the base of the mountain to see the real live rattle snakes in a box with a plexiglass front.  There were holes drilled in the plexiglass.  The holes could have been for air, but I think they did it so you could hear the snakes shake their rattles as you walked by.  We would find a picnic table and make sure that there weren’t any rattle snakes nearby.  My mother would “set the table” with paper and plastic wear.  We would then spend the rest of our meal trying to hold down the paper napkin and paper plate and paper cup in the whipping wind that never seems to stop in Oklahoma. 

Bubbles Class

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/8/2016 to News
New Class at Studio Baboo!  Saturday June 11, 2016 at 11:30 - 3 pm.  This class is a real treat.  Use the same size round gemstone beads, or mix them up with different sizes and colors.  The most used tool for this class will be your fingers.  Make sure your wire is dead soft so that it is easy to work with.  This is a new twist on wire wrapping.  It will be fun to learn and easy. 

Stones - Beautiful Stones

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/7/2016 to News
I checked my mail box this morning and was very happy to see three little packages that came all the way from India.  I ordered these beauties on my birthday last month.  I love love love agates and I love the vibrant colors that they dye them.  I don't care that they aren't natural.  Most things aren't.  I love how bright and exciting they are.  I am always surprised when I order on the internet because I have a hard time figuring out scale.  So I get things and they are much smaller or much larger than I had anticipated.  But these little cuties were just as I imagined.  Now I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to do with them.  

New Class - Findings

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 6/7/2016 to News
I spent some time this past weekend working on new class samples for my classes at  Terri, the owner, wanted a class for findings.  So I did some clasps and some ear wires.  I think that they are pretty and interesting.  Terri will be posting the class on her website calendar soon.  These will be two Thursday evening classes.  The earring wire one night and the clasps on another.