Booth Evolution

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 10/16/2017 to News

One of the best and worst parts of doing Arts and Craft shows is designing your booth. 

Over the years you go from one set up to another.  Some very complicated, to just laying your stuff on a table.  Most good shows require one booth picture when deciding if you get accepted.  I have often wondered just how much that booth shot counts for or against someone. 

My set up has evolved and changed so much and is still a thing of flux and flow.  I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane with me and my displays. 

Before you say anything……..I know……some are pretty bad.  But can we really learn if we don’t post and let people make snarky comments?  I think not.

Barb bought a trailer

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 10/10/2017 to News

Barb bought a trailer….on the road again.

So after my van was murdered by some random driver, I needed a vehicle to be able to do shows.  My husband and I have tiny little cars that barely have trunks.  They certainly couldn’t hold enough stuff to do a show.  Insurance only gave me $1,800.  My sister’s generous donation to the Arts gave me some more cash.

Trying out my new displays

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 10/10/2017 to News

Trying out my new craft show displays.

My sweet sister bought me my dream display setup.  I purchased it last year….but haven’t been able to set it up until this weekend.  So I moved my car and set my tent up outside my house on the street.

Jackie's Request

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Jackie’s request….

As Jackie read my last post she was very sad that I hadn’t mentioned a few of the “higher” points of our weekend. 

Richmond Art Award Show

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I promised myself that I wouldn’t do any shows this year.  The economy is so bad and people just aren’t going to shows this year.  But when I got an email specially inviting me to this Art Award Show in Richmond I let the compliments go to my head.  I decided to do the show.

Love thy Neighbor

Posted by Barbara Tilley on 10/9/2017 to News
Anyone that has done an Arts & Crafts show knows that having nice neighbors is a real treat.  Some of us have been really lucky and didn’t realize that it was such a big deal, until you don’t.