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Welcome, let's try something new!

Not seeing new workshops?

I've been busy with my role as President in Bead Society and my job as an accountant.  But I welcome you to see if joining Bead Society would be something that you would enjoy.  

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About Me

Come Learn With Me

Hello there! I'm Barbara Tilley Cato, a passionate lifelong learner with a love for teaching. My days are filled with creative exploration as I indulge in experimenting with new materials and techniques. But let me tell you, my true obsession lies in the world of tools! I am fortunate to be accompanied on this artistic journey by my wonderful husband, who shares the same passion for creativity. Together, we create a harmonious blend of love, art, and inspiration in our home. And how could I forget our incredible son, who brings boundless joy and laughter into our lives. Our little family extends beyond humans, as we are proud fur-parents to two adorable fuzzy corgis. They have taught us the true meaning of companionship, loyalty, and the constant presence of dog hair! In everything I do, I strive to imbue my creations with a sense of joy and beauty. As a lover of art and continuous growth, I find immense satisfaction in spreading knowledge and sharing my experiences with others. Teaching allows me to pass on my passion and watch it ignite in the hearts of eager learners. So, join me on this artistic adventure filled with warmth, love, and occasional bouts of dog hair. Together, we can explore the boundless possibilities of creativity and continue to learn, grow, and inspire one another.

Why join Organizations?

Sharing art with other artists is not just good, it's vital for the growth and development of the art community. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Inspiration and Motivation: 

  2. Collaboration and Learning: 

  3. Constructive Criticism: 

  4. Support and Camaraderie: 

  5. Exposure and Networking: 

Overall, sharing art within the art community is an essential ingredient for growth, inspiration, and mutual support. It fuels creativity, facilitates learning, and establishes a sense of belonging. By embracing the act of sharing, artists contribute to the collective tapestry of human expression, fostering a vibrant and thriving art community.


Here are some organizations that I am a part of:

Up coming Workshops

Up coming Workshops

Up coming Workshops
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