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I've been feeling a little guilty....

I have a notification set up on my phone that lets me know anytime someone enters my website. It sounds like a little bing bong that you hear when you open a shop door. It's supposed to get the shopkeepers attention.

That little bing bong gets my attention and creates a spark of guilt every time I hear it. It reminds me that I haven't created any new content on my website. That I haven't listed a new workshop. That I'm letting down every visitor that comes in and looks around.

I have to remind myself that I have a "real job" that I'm at for at least 40 hours a week. I also am President of the Charlottesville Bead Society and for now, that has been where some of my creative energy is going. I also have started a new organization called Joint Art Studios that will provide local artists with opportunities to show and sell their art.

I recently watched a show on Apple TV that was exploring a person's Life's Potential. It really got me thinking. Am I living up to my Life's Potential? What's my biggest life's potential dream? What would I want to be remembered for? What would make me proud of myself?

I love to be surrounded by creativity. I want to provide that for everyone that wants and needs it like me. I love being part of the Charlottesville Bead Society because of the members and the meetings we have. I love being part of the Joint Art Studios because of the community that it provides.

I welcome all who come here looking for a workshop, to consider joining Charlottesville Bead Society and attending the workshops. You will love them and the people you will meet. If you came here looking for your community of makers and artists, please consider joining Joint Art Studios.

I'm going to keep pouring my energy into these two organizations and I hope that you will consider either or both. I'm going to appreciate every Bing Bong I hear going forward. It's a chance to let people know about two great organizations that can provide you with what you came to my site for.

Thank you so much for your interest.


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